Natural BodyCare Products by Natural Intimacy

Our BodyCare sponges come straight from the depths of the warm Mediterranean Sea where Mother Nature produces her finest works of art.

If you test as many sponges as we do you'll have no option but to agree that the Mediterranean Honeycomb sponge is THE king of bath sponges. It's no flop. Seriously. Take any other sponge, dunk it in the bath and lift it out. Only the Honeycomb holds its shape and integrity and more importantly the water where as other bath sponges flop and release their water.

The other thing we've learned with far too many hours in the hot tub was that size matters. It's certainly not a case of big is best, totally the opposite in fact. The best size for a bath or shower sponge is that which you can wring out with one hand. Any bigger and the surplus just hangs out and isn't wrung out. Try it and you'll understand.

And heads up, we're currently testing some great, natural, olive oil soaps to identify the best formula for an BodyCare soap which we should be launching later this year, so watch this space!

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